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China was not safe for foreigners or Christians, and Lottie Moon was both.  But she didn’t let that stop her, and her life of radical obedience touched many.  Lottie Moon is the Southern Baptists’ most-celebrated missionary and the namesake of the offering that sends missionaries to the field.

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Lottie Moon
Written by Peggy Maeger on Mar 25th 2024

So interesting to see what she went through.

Lottie Moon Brochure
Written by Kenneth D. McGinness on Mar 18th 2024

Good source of information about Lottie Moon. Thank you!

Lottie Moon
Written by Carolyn Young on Dec 12th 2023

This was very informative and helpful! Thank you!

Lottie Moon pamphlet
Written by Art Ayris on Dec 27th 2022

Great overview on Lottie Moon. IMB Response: Thank you! We're glad it has been helpful to you.