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Download Lottie Moon's call to global missions through this package including 12 of her letters and one page of quotes.  Print and share as many copies as you'd like.

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Lottie Moon letters
Written by Peggy Maeger on Mar 25th 2024

Great to be able to read what she wrote.

Lottie Moon letters and quotes
Written by Steele Remona on Dec 16th 2023

I am in love with Lottie Moon! She has come alive to me as I read books about her and letters that she has written. She was an amazing woman. I admire her tenacity. She was a smart lady and a humble lady. To starve herself to feed the Chinese children and upon her death she was a mere 50 pounds. She truly lived and died for them.

Lottie Moon Quotes and Letters
Written by Carolyn Young on Dec 12th 2023

This was very helpful in getting to know the heart and mind of Lottie Moon. Thank you for sharing it!

Lottie Moon
Written by Diane Howell on Dec 10th 2023

Very helpful information concerning Lottie Moon . We used it to promote the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering.

lottie moon letters and quotes
Written by mary hennessey on Oct 28th 2023

no comment

Lottie Moon's writings are still a catalyst to change.
Written by Morgan Bostedt on Jan 24th 2023

I’ve recently read the book, The New Lottie Moon Story, and finished quite enamored by Aunt Lottie. I’ll call her Aunt because she would make the most wonderful aunt and she also refers to herself as Aunt in many of her letters home and on the field. Very shortly after I finished the book, we were given the opportunity through our church to visit the International Mission Board, a few presidential homes, and Lottie Moon’s grave. An evangelical trip to New Orleans was also announced. After much reflection, I decided that even though the idea of visiting Aunt Lottie’s gravesite made me tear up, I would not make that trip. I would, instead, save money to go to New Orleans in order to do mission work. Lottie Moon helped with the decision. I imagine her asking, “And why are you here, visiting my grave? Is this a spiritual journey for you? Do you have something of great importance to say to the International Mission Board that you couldn’t say by letter? Are you in desperate need of a furlough, after having worked tirelessly for the kingdom of God? Why are you not spending your time and money on more important matters; mainly teaching the hope and love of Christ to the uncountable number of desperately lost souls scattered here and throughout?” I then imagined her talking about how China is in desperate trouble and how there is an even greater need than ever before. The same is true, it seems, with the rest of the world. As you can see, she affected my worldview. Any writings saved and shared with the public will get a five-star review from me. I pondered, then, those who are going on the trip to Virginia to tour the IMB, etc. How well do they know Lottie Moon’s story? Has she had the chance to inspire them as she has me? What an awful shame, if not. Perhaps, we as a church should ensure their proper knowledge before the visit. Surely, IMB does an adequate job of introducing Lottie before the visit to her grave. Hence, my finding these writings, which brought me great joy. If only there were hundreds more! Lottie Moon sacrificed continually for nearly her entire life. She kept her eyes centered on Christ. She was more long-suffering than we can ever hope to be. She was appalled at the lack of interest in the Great Commission by fellow Baptists and repeatedly implored the board for more hands and more funds. She made an immeasurable impact for Christ in north China, teaching the Word, the Way, and baptizing. Why is this relevant, today? There is still a GREAT need, in both workers and funds. Let us take a lesson from Aunt Lottie!

Review of my purchase of Lottie Moon letters
Written by Barbara Feighner on Nov 14th 2022

They were interesting to read and learn from. They were very useful in preparing a short program on Lottie Moon I did for our Women on Mission group. IMB Response: Thank you so much!

Amazing Resources
Written by undefined on Nov 24th 2018

Enjoyed reading and using this information to educate our congregation on more of the personal side of Lottie's life and work.

Written by Tanya Salter on Nov 19th 2018

This resource helped me to create flyers for a Lottie Moon Missions Breakfast. It was informative. The only thing that could have made it any better, would be for the various elements of the flyer to be avaialbe separately (picture, logos, letters, background, etc).

Lottie Moon letters
Written by undefined on Dec 25th 2017

The material was just what I needed.

Written by undefined on Dec 13th 2017

very informative

Written by undefined on Nov 27th 2017

Good photo and concise information about Lottie Moon. Would be a good bulletin insert during the month of December.

I just get Word documents
Written by Judy Foley on Nov 2nd 2017

After reading the reviews I ordered this product to use on our church bulletin board, however these are not in her own hand, they are typed Word documents. If you have ordered this and gotten handwritten files, please let me know what you did.

Helps make the offering personal
Written by Brenda on Jan 17th 2017

I loved reading letters written from her own hand. They help give you a better insight into her time and also remind you of the urgent need to support our International Missionaries.

Nice print
Written by undefined on Jan 4th 2017

The print was very legible and easy to read. Easy to copy and share with the WMU ladies. We learned so much about Lottie from her letters.