Loving the Lost Prayer Guide (2024)

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The Loving the Lost prayer guide will equip you with statistics, stories, and photos of some of the least reached people groups in the world.

New This Year! - Discussion starters, crafts and recipes from around the world, designed to help you engage the next generation in praying for the lost.

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Loving The Lost Prayer Guide
Written by Kathy S Arnett on Feb 17th 2024

I was so happy to finally receive my copy. Very easy to see the spiritual statistics of the different areas of the world; a daunting task. Thank you so much for the caring detail of this prayer guide?

Loving the Lost Prayer Guide
Written by Elizabeth Bates on Feb 14th 2024

Thanks for sending these to me. Our church will certainly be using them to uplift these missions in prayer.

Loving the Lost booklet
Written by Susan Yates on Feb 12th 2024

Beautiful and well done,

Loving the Lost Prayer Guide
Written by Stacey Higa on Feb 12th 2024

I love this resource to help me pray regularly and specifically for people groups. I ordered some and passed them out to my friends so we can all learn about other people and places and pray for them to know Jesus. Thank you!

Prayer Booklets
Written by Anthony Foister on Feb 5th 2024

An exceptionally well done booklet!

Great book
Written by Eddy E Jean on Feb 3rd 2024

Love it great book

Excellent resource!
Written by Marci on Feb 2nd 2024

Great pictures, engaging stories. Wonderful resource for families, individuals, and churches. The included recipes from different parts of the world help bring what's 'theoretical' to life! My teen kids and I are reading through 1 people group over breakfast each morning and praying together.

Prayer Guide
Written by Helen Prickett Day on Feb 1st 2024

I like the additions: ideas for praying, extra info about the people, etc.

Loving the Lost Prayer Guide (2024)
Written by Rose Marie Carter on Jan 28th 2024

The color, layout & variety of places & esp. people are pleasant & very informative; thank y'all so very much for compiling the pamphlet. Having been on the home & foreign mission fields as a volunteer, it was very encouraging* Be blest as I am, Rose Marie Acts 1:8, Matt. 28:;18-20, Heb 13:5b

Loving the Lost Prayer Guide 2024
Written by Renelle R. on Jan 27th 2024

Our adult Bible group has been praying for unreached unengaged people groups for over a year using the IMB prayer guide. Most of the women in our group will never be able to go, but we can pray and the guide has been a valuable tool to learn what lostness looks like for people all over the world. This new edition has been wonderfully put together and is packed with descriptions that really inform our prayers and make the need of those who are lost more poignant.

Loving the Lost Through Prayer 2024
Written by Gary L Robertson on Jan 25th 2024

I really like this year's version of Loving the Lost. It has a new look and size. The prayers for unreached people are organized by regions of the world. Each region of the world has a description of the lostness and key prayer needs. The booklet has items to further discuss with a group or to stir my imagination about the people described. There are even some recipes included. I think this book is more engaging and is a great tool to pray for the salvation of all peoples.

Written by Sandor Berta on Jan 23rd 2024

Orando y alcanzando para cumplir la Gran Comisión, no podemos ir (tal vez) pero si podemos Orar y Ofrendar. El Señor supla y bendiga nuestra IMB

Written by Mike Ferris on Jan 15th 2024

Great prayer guide