Bible Storying Cloth Scarf

Height 33.00 (in)
Width 40.00 (in)
Maximum purchase 100
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Did you know that 80% of the world are oral communicators by necessity or preference?  Oral learners can be completely or functionally illiterate; visually or hearing impaired; part of an oral culture; or simply prefer to learn in an oral manner.  There are more than 6 billion oral learners in the world, and of that group over half of them are children!

The Bible Storying Cloth Scarf is a wonderful tool to communicate the message of Christ to oral learners in a way that makes sense to them.  This colorful storying cloth has 42 squares vividly illustrating stories from creation to Christ.  A page of scripture references is included that corresponds with each of the squares on the cloth.  Display the storying cloth on a wall for missions events or use it for Bible teaching lessons.

Download these story summaries for each square. Available in these languages:

Also order these Downloadable Teaching Resources today!

Product Reviews

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Bible Storying Cloth Scarf
Written by Terry L Moak on Oct 21st 2023

I love the Bible Storying Cloth Scarf so much that I am giving four of them to family and friends for Christmas! They are a great learning tool for teaching others Bible stories!

Bible Story Cloth
Written by Daryle Hawthorne on Sep 28th 2023

Love them! Taking some on a mission trip to South America with me to use to present the Gospel and also to share with local churches there so they can use them as well. IMB Response: This is a great way to use the Bible Story Cloth! Thank you so much!

Great teach/witnessing tool.
Written by Virgie Finn on Aug 10th 2023

I have used and then left these Storying cloths in African classrooms. IMB Response: Thank you!

Bible storying cloth
Written by Johnny Bridges on May 12th 2023

We thoroughly enjoy using the cloth in our children’s ministry. IMB Response: We are so glad! Thank you!

Beautiful Scarf
Written by Hope on Apr 7th 2023

I got 4 scarves for my 4 grandchildren-This is a great Easter gift. Thankful my friend told me about them. IMB Response: That is a great idea! Thank you so much!

Effective, fun for family teaching
Written by Sarah Mueller on Mar 20th 2023

My 4 children love the Bible Story Scarf - my husband and I like it too! It really helps us understand the big picture of the Bible. We try to cover one square each day, along with the linked Bible lesson on the website. I plan on using it in Sunday school too and giving out for Christmas gifts this year. Highly recommend. IMB Response: Thank you so much!

Written by Zelda pritchett on Mar 5th 2023

sending them to villages in Guatemala

Bible Storying Cloth Scarf
Written by David Weagraff on Nov 8th 2022

Love the colorful, thoughtful and skillful artistic depictions of biblical history. And the enclosed frame-by-frame narratives and scripture references are so helpful! IMB Response: Thank you for your positive feedback!

My order from the store
Written by Walter on Oct 31st 2022

I am completely satisfied with purchase from your store, and I was thoroughly impressed with your prompt service. I will order again, thank you for that and your work in God's great commission. IMB Response: Thank you, Walter. So glad you had a great experience with our store! God bless you in all you do.

Love it!
Written by Terri Sutley on Aug 26th 2022

I love that it came with a sheet that helps you tell the stories. IMB Response: So glad it is helpful to you, Terri! God bless you in all you do!

Bible Storying cloth
Written by Sarah Naff on Mar 26th 2022

Very pleased with quality and colors. It’s great I can print the stories for each of the 42 pictures. Can be used as a wall hanging.

Bible Cloth
Written by Lea Mejia on Dec 7th 2021

These are amazing quality cloths bright vibrant color.

Story Scarf
Written by Kathy on Nov 30th 2021

The scarves are beautiful and depict clear and recognizable pictures of OT and NT stories. We have sent over 100 to our Christian brothers and sisters in India so they can use them to tell of God’s great love and Christ’s sacrifice to oral learning adults and children. Whole heartedly recommend this product. Kerusomen Gospel Ministry IMB Response: Thank you so much for letting us know how the storying scarf is being used! God bless you in all you do!

Story cloth
Written by Chester H. on Oct 23rd 2021

I have used the story cloth for years here in the US and several foreign countries....12 of those were closed countries.... I have found nothing better for a short time teaching tool. IMB Response: Thank you, Chester, for taking the time to share your valuable insights!

Bible Storying Cloth Scarf
Written by Kathy on Sep 30th 2021

The scarf is beautifully colors and well made with easily identifiable stories from the Bible. We send these to a Pastor and his wife in India to distribute to Pastors in many states who use them to tell the stories of the Bible to the oral learners in their churches and communities. IMB Response: Thank you, Kathy, for sharing with us how you're helping to reach the lost in India! What a beautiful way to resource the pastors there with a tool that beautifully communicates the gospel to others. God bless you and all that you do!

Bible Storying Cloth Scarf
Written by Teresa Sams on Sep 7th 2021

I was very happy with this product. It is a unique way to share with children. The scarf and printable book are great! I ordered three. I am giving my grandchildren one each and our children's leader at my church. IMB Response: Thank you, Teresa, what thoughtful ways to share the storying cloths, make memories, and start a new tradition with your grandchildren and the children's leader!

Bible Story Cloth Scarf
Written by Connie Krist on Sep 2nd 2021

I LOVE it. I am going to make a lap quilt out of it. IMB Response: Connie, what a unique and wonderful idea! Thank you for sharing how you're using the storying cloth!

Storying Cloth
Written by Jeanie Tidwell on Apr 17th 2021

These Storying Cloths will be used to teach children and adults that are illiterate the stories from the Bible. Feedback: Thank you for letting us know how you are using these storying cloths! This is wonderful!

Great Cloth Piece!
Written by Firmato on Mar 21st 2020

I used this piece to put on my office wall as a means to remember that Christianity is meant for all the nations not just one particular nation. It’s a nice cloth that I am able to display in my office and those from Kenya and of an African background are able to connect with. Highly recommend for World Missions display or for Bible teaching classes. I also noticed that there is a second cloth called the Acts Story and I might purchase it to go along with this Bible Story cloth.

excellent teaching tool when discipling the Unreached
Written by Cathy Fauber on Mar 10th 2020

We have used the “Bible Story Cloth” for many years in The Gambia and most recently in Kenya. The bright colorful pictures aid in telling the stories from Creation to Christ. We are trying to place one in each village and church for the indigenous Pastors to use in continue teaching. Has proven to be very affective in their learning to retell the stories. All ages have enjoyed picking a picture and telling the story learned from the scripture references. And they love how beautiful it is on their church walls, or hanging in a tree. Excellent resource and quality!

Great Tool for Mission Trip to Zambia
Written by Virgie on Feb 13th 2020

This Bible Storying cloth has been very handy over the years working with Children’s groups over the years. We plan to use it and the plan book with our mission trip to Zambia in June. A very good resource for children’s bible stories

cant wait to use this story cloth!
Written by debbie st laurent on Oct 21st 2019

What a lovely resource! Excellent quality!

Love this!
Written by Jami Marie Bumgarner on Oct 6th 2019

I love the Bible Story Scarf. The pictures are clear and I appreciate the sheet that came with it giving scriptures to reference. I plan to use it with my grandchildren.

Gospel Story Cloth
Written by Glenna Jackson on Oct 4th 2019

This is a beautiful story cloth that one can use to share the gospel, from God's creating to the resurrection of Jesus. It comes with scripture references. One can find the community of believers who use the cloth for ideas and inspiration.

Sharing with Children
Written by Judith L. Harvey on Aug 12th 2019

We plan to use this in our children's department and think the cloth is great for telling new Bible stories as well as reviewing ones already shared.

A Visual Review of the Bible
Written by undefined on May 17th 2019

The chronological review is wonderful for folks who know the Bible but can't put the stories in order. As an aid to tell the salvation story, it's perfect. I bought two, one for another avid story teller. Feedback: Thank you so much for your review and for all you're doing for the Kingdom!

beautiful depictions of old and new testament
Written by undefined on Apr 28th 2019

Well made, beautiful pictures that tell the Good News of God redeeming man through His Son!

God's plan for salvation!
Written by undefined on Apr 15th 2019

An excellent way to bring the story of God's plan for salvation and Jesus' love and sacrifice for us to people of all ages. A picture is worth more than 10,000 words.

Written by undefined on Nov 18th 2018

I was thrilled to receive the story cloth! It's beautiful! Our instructor in Sunday School class brought one in to show us! I plan to frame it and put on my wall.

Storying Cloth
Written by undefined on Nov 16th 2018

Was fantastic. Can't wait to start using it and making it a part of my story.

Story Cloth from Creation to Christ
Written by CODY U WATSON on Oct 22nd 2018

This is a great tool but primarily to educate Westerners as to the need for Oral Bible Story communication. The pictures need the story teller.

Sharing The Story, One Square at a Time
Written by Rev. Chiyona on Aug 9th 2018

I saw this in a church I happened to be visiting. In a world where we are more aware of differing learning styles and needs, including the reality that deaf and hard of hearing persons may not hear the stories of the Bible, I thought this a great way for someone to take in the stories of the Bible. The pictures are vibrant! The "cheat sheet" is helpful. One can still expound upon the stories as time permits.

Written by undefined on Aug 6th 2018

Excellent product

a great tool to introduce orality and storying.
Written by CODY U WATSON on Jun 4th 2018

The story cloth is a great way to introduce Bible storying for the 1/3 of the world who cannot read. It is also a guide for using 42 stories. I have probably distributed over 50 of the cloths.

Amazing tool for witnessing and teaching
Written by Glenna on May 14th 2018

I wrote up short summaries of each square, using the included scriptures. The stories chosen to be included on this cloth take one from creation of angels through why God created us and how He worked through His story to provide us with redemption. This is such a great tool for teaching new believers this story and for sharing it with unbelievers - overseas or in the USA. I ordered several!

The Story Cloth Proclaims The One Gospel in One Universal Language.
Written by Rick Mitchell on Apr 2nd 2018

Language is never a problem with the Story Cloth. In it you have the entire Bible, showing the Gospel message in pictures. There is also a handy guide showing you the scripture passage each picture refers to.

visual teaching tool
Written by Joyce M. Lewellyn on Mar 3rd 2018

very effective & useful in many ministries: storying, evangelism, children’s work. etc.

Written by undefined on Dec 11th 2017


Tool for sharing the gospel
Written by Glenna on Nov 17th 2017

This is a beautiful large scarf that can be used for sharing the gospel and for teaching Bible stories. We want to help young first-generation Cambodians be able to share with the elderly, who probably cannot read. Bible verses come with the scarf that can be developed into Bible studies. It becomes a gift to the one who believes and can help them remember - the Bible in simple drawings.

Name is a "misnomer."
Written by Betty Thompson on Oct 16th 2017

The Bible Storying cloth is more of a "flag" than a "scarf." I would drop the word scarf from the description and list it as a cloth or "tool."

Bible in review by pics
Written by Zelda Pritchett on Oct 2nd 2017

My heart in missions is for those who cannot read or write and who do not have a Bible.. This storying scarf is an excellent tool for teaching the Bible ... Pictures make "stories" real for some people...

Great Item, Wonderful For Sharing Christ With Kids
Written by Pastor David Buffaloe on Jun 29th 2017

One of our Church members Maggie introduced me to this item, and I couldn't wait to order it. I often do a "Children's Moment" on Sunday mornings. What a great way to share the Bible and our Lord with the children. I recommend this to all pastors and teachers. High quality, great price!

Great Addition to my VBS Missions Class
Written by Maggie McCaul on Jun 17th 2017

This is the first year that I have been asked to teach the "Missions" class for VBS at my church. When I found this Bible Story Cloth, I ordered it to show the children how missionaries sometimes use different methods to teach the children in other countries about Jesus. The children loved looking at each picture and guessing which Bible story the picture went with.

"Seeing is believing..."
Written by undefined on Mar 30th 2017

How true the old saying is: "A picture is worth a thousand words," I don't know. These Bible pictures must be accompanied by the words of story-telling. But pictures help to lock stories into minds. I will not be using the cloths myself; granddaughters going to the Rep. of Congo will be using them, and I think they will find them a great help in working not only with Congolese people, but also with refugees from other African countries. Thank you for designing this useful tool for making Jesus, the Savior of the world, known.

Very effective tool
Written by Janice Roy on Feb 23rd 2017

Is a very effective tool both on Mission field and here in the US.

Written by undefined on Feb 2nd 2017

I love this scarf!! Great tool to share God's Story!

cloth not scarf
Written by undefined on Jan 30th 2017

When I saw the description I thought this would be something cool to wear; similar in style to the blanket scarf that many stores are selling. And, since in the name, it says scarf, I assumed it could be worn like one. The material is too thick/coarse to do that. definitely not similar to a scarf that I was thinking of. Other than that, it is GREAT! I use this out in the field to open doors to tell people about the Father and His amazing love for us!