Southeast Asian Peoples Downloadable UPG Prayer Profiles

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Join us in prayer for the peoples of Southeast Asia.

Start today by praying for 25 UPG’s (unreached people groups) in Southeast Asia. When you order this download, you’ll receive 25 color profiles in one PDF file. Print as many copies as you’d like and share with your pastor, your small group, and your church.

Each profile contains:

  • Key information about the UPG
  • A map showing their location, and
  • Specific prayer requests for each group.

You’ll pray for the:

  • Bhama of Myanmar
  • Kui of Thailand
  • Tai Khun of Myanmar
  • Tai Leng of Myanmar
  • Tai Nua of Myanmar
  • Tai Nyo of Thailand
  • Tai Pong of China
  • Ya of China
  • Kelantan Malays of Malaysia
  • Muslims of Brunei
  • Youth of Brunei
  • Manggarai of Indonesia
  • Mandar of Indonesia
  • Luwu of Indonesia
  • Semendo of Indonesia
  • Konto Pesisir of Indonesia
  • Lintang of Indonesia
  • Sikka of Indonesia
  • Khmer Krom of Vietnam
  • Lamet of Laos
  • Laven of Laos