One Thing: A Gospel-Centered Life on Mission

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As followers of Jesus, we have one thing to do: to live gospel-centered lives on mission. Any mission, especially one of this magnitude, requires that we understand what is expected and where we are headed. Typically, books about mission focus on defining the mission and understanding the people and places where we serve.

One Thing takes a different approach by examining through in-depth Bible study the type of people we should be as we participate in God’s mission. This mission is something that all believers and all churches get to be a part of. For some, that may be exciting to think of, for others that may be overwhelming. This study provides an opportunity to go deeper in the Word to answer two questions: What does it mean to be a disciple of Jesus? How do we make disciples of Jesus?

One Thing is structured as a discussion guide and workbook. It includes a number of resources at the end to help churches, teams and individuals develop plans for engaging a people group or a city. Suggestions for facilitating and leading this study, an answer key, recommended resources, a "toolbox" section and a glossary are included as well. This book will empower and give confidence to anyone who desires to be obedient and to grow as a disciple who makes disciples.