Loving the Lost Prayer Guide, 20th Edition

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This prayer guide will equip you with photos, statistics, stories, and Scripture verses to pray for 52 of the world’s least reached people groups.

Download Loving the Lost today. Complementary PowerPoint slides are also available for download

57 pages

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Praying for missions
Written by Don Davis on Feb 2nd 2023

This helps people remember 52 weeks a year to keep the lost in their prayers more effectively.

Loving the Lost prayer guide
Written by Martha Perkins on Jan 30th 2023

This is a lovely booklet . I use this along with the matching video each Sunday at church in our Mission Moment. I would purchase it again.

IMB Prayer List
Written by William Gruenwald on Jan 28th 2023

This is a great list of praying for others. Improvement - Break up the requests by date so we can focus on certain areas and cover all the requests annually.

Loving the Lost
Written by Peggy Shepard on Jan 27th 2023

This will help us see outside of our church and community.

Prayer Guide
Written by Joan Dotson on Jan 27th 2023

Helpful to have factual information to pray for the unreached people of the world. Thank you!

Written by Eric Spano on Jan 24th 2023

The Loving the Lost Prayer guide is a simple and effective way to get the people of our church to start praying for unengaged, unreached, people groups. I am confident as people begin to pray in this direction God will use it to bring a passion to see the lost reached.

Loving the lost prayer guide 20th edition
Written by Hannah Martinez on Jan 22nd 2023

I think that this prayer guide is a wonderful and very useful tool to help us as believers to pray for the salvation of the lost people of the world. I think that it is every believer’s job to pray for the lost people groups of today and this is a practical and easy way to do that. It is great for personal use , use in a bible study, use for a church ,and also use to teach children how to begin to pray. I began to use this in 2020 and now my entire family uses this prayer guide. And I hope you will too.

Loving the lost
Written by David Ward on Jan 19th 2023

Good quality book.