Loving the Lost Prayer Guide, 20th Edition

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This prayer guide will equip you with photos, statistics, stories, and Scripture verses to pray for 52 of the world’s least reached people groups.

57 pages

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Loving the Lost
Written by Curtis L Vance on May 11th 2023

I'm using this prayer guide multiple times every day. It is hard to imagine so many people in this world that are lost. This guide helps me by introducing me to these lost people groups. It helps me to empathize with them and their struggles. It helps me to bring them forward in my prayers. I recommend this prayer guide. IMB Response: Thank you so much for praying for the lost!

Loving the Lost Through Prayer
Written by Tammy Adams on May 4th 2023

Love the book containing 52 people groups for whom we can pray. The size of the book is perfect! I ordered these for our church. IMB Response: Thank you so much!

Loving the Lost Prayer Guide
Written by Cynthia on Apr 25th 2023

I am so grateful that I ordered this prayer guide. Not only have I begun to pray for one unreached people group each day, but the verses under "Let's Pray" now inform my daily prayers for friends and family. God has used this simple guide to draw me closer to Him and to strengthen my prayer life. I ordered 25 more to give to my WMU group and to other Christians. Thank you! IMB: We are so glad for it's impact on your life! Thank you for faithfully praying for the unreached.

Excellent Resource
Written by Darrell Webb on Mar 18th 2023

Thank you!!

Review of Loving the Lost Prayer Guide
Written by Kimberlia Duhart on Mar 12th 2023

I am a Perspectives on the World Christian Movement Coordinator and ordered these booklets for a class of young people. It is an excellent guide to prayer for unreached people. It is compact enough that they can take it with them and refer to it during their busy days. Thank you for offering it free of charge.

Written by James Twilbeck on Mar 10th 2023

These prayer booklets help you to focus on our world for 40 days

Unreached people groups
Written by Hugh Rogers on Mar 9th 2023

Use it everyday and shared extra booklets with church members

Loving the Lost
Written by Sherry on Feb 24th 2023

It is so importantl to learn about the world wide least reached people groups. It's especially helpful to have a prepared PowerPoint presentation to promote the product to our small church. Thank you for this easy-to-use, very important resource helping us join together to pray for the lost. We look forward to the day that no such resources are needed!

Changes in format in 2023
Written by Donald Davis on Feb 13th 2023

I have been giving these out in the last few year in Spanish and English. The 2022 format seemed to be more easily to follow up in prayer because of the suggestions. Young families who were using this with their children have not finding it as helpful in 2023. I am not trying to be critical but as being retired from the IMB we want people to pray. Some have never done this praying for missionaries and their families before. They like the information but not the format. Thanks for you good work with the different ways of praying with your app. IMB Response: Thank you not only for taking the time to share these insightful thoughts about the 2023 edition of Loving the Lost, but also for giving out English and Spanish copies over the last few years! This year, we tried a new format, and your input helps us know what is working well for people and what we need to consider changing in the next edition. We, like you, want people to pray. It’s very helpful for us to hear how people are using Loving the Lost – what they like and don’t like. Thank you for your partnership in praying for the lost around the world!

Unreached number & percentage is misleading?!?
Written by David Moore on Feb 10th 2023

In the little book you say that the unreached is defined as those having little or no knowledge of Jesus. But when I emailed you, you said it was defined as "2% or less evangelical Christians." Those are two different definitions. This makes me question all the other numbers, like how many die each day without Christ. A person may be saved and not evangelical.... Right? Thanks for any help, IMB Response: Thank you for your feedback. Through a conversation with our Director of Global Research I understand that he has reached out to you regarding this concern. Thanks so much.

Prayer Guide 20th Ed
Written by Sean Heady on Feb 7th 2023

Thanks so much for making these available for free. Ordering was easy and we received them promptly! The books look great. They're easy to follow. Interesting, impactful information that helps us know how to specifically pray for these UPG's.

Review of Loving the Lost prayer guide
Written by Ponice Hartman on Feb 6th 2023

I appreciate having specific peoples and cultures and missionaries and their ministries identified to pray for as well as being informed of the locations we serve. I liked seeing the answered prayer report. I appreciate the Bible references and the specific need being listed. I like feeling that my prayers are directed and targeted rather than just generic. I know God knows what needs to be done, but I like knowing, too!

Praying for missions
Written by Don Davis on Feb 3rd 2023

This helps people remember 52 weeks a year to keep the lost in their prayers more effectively.

Loving the Lost prayer guide
Written by Martha Perkins on Jan 30th 2023

This is a lovely booklet . I use this along with the matching video each Sunday at church in our Mission Moment. I would purchase it again.

IMB Prayer List
Written by William Gruenwald on Jan 28th 2023

This is a great list of praying for others. Improvement - Break up the requests by date so we can focus on certain areas and cover all the requests annually.

Loving the Lost
Written by Peggy Shepard on Jan 27th 2023

This will help us see outside of our church and community.

Prayer Guide
Written by Joan Dotson on Jan 27th 2023

Helpful to have factual information to pray for the unreached people of the world. Thank you!

Written by Eric Spano on Jan 24th 2023

The Loving the Lost Prayer guide is a simple and effective way to get the people of our church to start praying for unengaged, unreached, people groups. I am confident as people begin to pray in this direction God will use it to bring a passion to see the lost reached.

Loving the lost prayer guide 20th edition
Written by Hannah Martinez on Jan 22nd 2023

I think that this prayer guide is a wonderful and very useful tool to help us as believers to pray for the salvation of the lost people of the world. I think that it is every believer’s job to pray for the lost people groups of today and this is a practical and easy way to do that. It is great for personal use , use in a bible study, use for a church ,and also use to teach children how to begin to pray. I began to use this in 2020 and now my entire family uses this prayer guide. And I hope you will too.

Loving the lost
Written by David Ward on Jan 19th 2023

Good quality book.