Loving the Lost Prayer Guide, 19th Edition

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This 52-week prayer guide features our top-priority Unengaged Unreached People Groups (UUPGs) and includes a few victory stories. Full of Scripture, photography, and prayer items, Loving the Lost is a perfect way to focus prayer on one people group a week throughout the year.

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60 pages

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Loving the Lost Review
Written by Don Henrikson on Aug 12th 2022

A Fine Prayer Guide - I plan on using it weekly with our church during midweek prayer meetings. IMB Response: Thank you, Don, for letting us know how you will be using the prayer guide in your church!

Loving the lost
Written by David on Aug 5th 2022

The prayer starters are very helpful. IMB Response: We're glad to hear this!

Loving the lost prayer guide
Written by Hannah Martinez on Jul 10th 2022

This is one of the most eye opening prayer guides I have ever gotten! It allows you to really get to know the people who do desperately need the love of Christ and it equips you to pray for them specially. I want to be a Journeyman after college and this is helping me build a firm foundation for my prayer life, for the lost and unreached people of this world. I strongly advise every Believer to order one of these, read it to your children, expose them to the people God has called them to reach with his name! It is our responsibility to pray and plea for the UUPGs of this world. Thank you IMB for providing essential prayer tools to help equip Believers around the world! IMB Response: You're welcome, Hannah. Thank you for sharing your feedback, encouragement, ideas, and passion for prayer! May God use you mightily in His kingdom!

Prayer Guide
Written by Phillip on Jun 16th 2022

We are using this guide to begin our weekly services with prayer for each people groups. We need tools like this to keep the body engaged in praying, giving and going after the lost. Thank you. IMB Response: Thank you, Phillip, for praying and letting us know how your church is using these booklets!

Review of Loving th Lost prayer guide booklet
Written by Billy Durham on May 23rd 2022

This is an excellent resource to use in praying over our international missions work. The graphics are great and the strategic prayer areas are clear and concise. Thank you for producing and providing this for us! IMB Response: You are welcome! Thank you for your feedback and for praying!

Review for Loving the Lost...
Written by Marcia Schools on Mar 7th 2022

Love this pamphlet. I use it in the women's ministry at our church and will be including it in our prayer group. It's informative and specific for prayer needs. An easy tool to turn to for help in praying for others as the LORD works in and through us for His will. Thank You !!! PS...do wish the print could be a little larger. IMB Response: Thank you, Marcia, for letting us know all the ways you use Loving the Lost in your church. I will pass along your feedback about the print size. God bless all that you and your church do for the kingdom of God!

Loving the Lost of the World through Prayer
Written by Vickie McDonald on Feb 27th 2022

I chose this prayer book to hand out at our missions fair in order to educate and encourage our people to pray for the lost and to be knowledgeable of those for whom they are praying. I understand that information like this is available on the IMB app, but I felt having something in hand, especially for seniors who are not as accustomed to using apps, would make the need "real." IMB Response: Thank you, Vickie, for your sensitivity to all the members of your church. You are right--some people like to use apps, but many believers like something tangible that can be held and serve as a visual reminder to pray!