Loving Northern African and Middle Eastern Peoples Through Prayer - Download

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The Loving Northern African and Middle Eastern Peoples Through Prayer resource features 100 different people groups from across the region with tools and ideas to both lead you in intentional prayer and deepen your knowledge of the people for whom you’re praying.   We know prayer opens doors for the gospel to spread among groups who previously had limited or no access to the good news. Imagine what will happen among these 100 people groups as believers worldwide begin to bring them before the Father!  

This downloadable resource packet includes the link to a short introductory video, 100 printable people group cards, and five devotions for families and children that serve to enrich your prayers for a chosen people group.   Thank you for joining us in prayer and being among the first to intercede for these 100 people groups!

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Loving North African/ Middle East Peoples thru Prayer
Written by Mary Jean Baker on Apr 30th 2021

This is a great resource to be able to share how to pray with your church. Having the prayer cards for families to choose from will help us get more families involved through prayer . We are preparing for September as a time to distribute the cards using them lead up to Lottie Moon. We are also looking at using the children activities you provided.