Lottie Moon: a life of radical obedience


China was not safe for foreigners or Christians, and Lottie Moon was both.  But she didn’t let that stop her, and her life of radical obedience touched many.  Lottie Moon is the Southern Baptists’ most-celebrated missionary and the namesake of the offering that sends missionaries to the field.

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Lottie Moon brochure
Written by Kristi Kantola on Oct 20th 2022

The information was helpful, but the print was so tiny it was hard to read. IMB Response: Thank you for letting us know as we consider print resources in the future.

Lottie Moon
Written by Linda Martin on Apr 9th 2022

Wonderful brochure detailing the life of Lottie Moon! I ordered to hand out to church members who need to be educated about her and her sacrificial life and the offering named in her honor and memory. IMB Response: Thank you for letting us know how you are using the Lottie Moon Life Brochure!

Lottie Moon: a life of radical obedience, Giving to Send Missionaries Poster, Global Impact Guide: A Multitude of Ways
Written by Cynthia Harrison on Nov 14th 2021

All wonderful, thank you!! IMB Response: You're so welcome!

Great Intro for Students
Written by Josh Williford on Nov 17th 2019

Got a handful of these for students (6th grade-12th grade) to better know who Lottie Moon is!

Positives and Negatives
Written by WILLIAM BERRY NORWOOD on Dec 10th 2018

Excellent and inspirational info, but the tiny print may be difficult for some to read or to stay with for the whole story. Feedback: Thank you for your feedback, William. We will take that into consideration, when designing our materials next year.

Lottie Brochure-good information-needs darker typeset
Written by undefined on Nov 24th 2018

A good brochure for information about Lottie and her mission. My only complaint is that the brochure print is hard to read. It is a small, light font and some pages have a colored background which made it even harder to read. Our congregation is mostly Senior Adults so the print is not "friendly" to them. A very good resource; just need a different type set in my opinion.

The amazing life
Written by undefined on Oct 20th 2018

Lottie Moon had quite the extensive journey

LM questions answered here!
Written by undefined on Oct 17th 2018

Walk in the shoes of this amazing woman of faith and strength

Written by undefined on Dec 13th 2017

very educational

Written by brian valentine on Dec 2nd 2017

Thanks so much for preparing this brief resource which introduces us to Lottie Moon more fully. It was just what we were looking for.

Who Is Lottie Moon
Written by Linda Phillips on Nov 24th 2017

Good info telling who Lottie Moon was & why the offering was named for her. Made me realize how much missionaries sacrifice to serve God. Makes good bulletin inserts.

Good information about Lottie
Written by Joan Dotson on Nov 17th 2017

Very helpful

Very nice
Written by undefined on Oct 9th 2017

The booklet is well written and visually appealing.