Introduction to Global Missions

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Missions is the work of the church to reach and teach the peoples of the world for Christ’s sake. The missionary call is a vital part of the life of every follower of Jesus Christ and, therefore, the church. But the effective discipleship of all nations requires a solid biblical, historical and practical foundation. Therefore, the study of missiology demands the effective application of biblical studies, theology, history, anthropology, world religions and communications theory.

Introduction to Global Missions is well-written, thoroughly researched, thoughtfully conceived overview of missions.  It provides a foundation for readers to consider their own missionary call, whether as a full-time field missionary or a church member on short-term projects. However, it moves beyond a general overview with more specific engagement on key issues like applied anthropology, cultural understanding, world religions. This comprehensive overview of global missions also provides practical instruction regarding strategies for disciple-making and church planting.

Introduction to Global Missions is a great text for university and seminary students as well as pastors, teachers, church leaders and missions leaders.