Annual Statistical Report Poster for 2019 Data Year - Highlights and Realities

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You need to know these numbers.

Contrasted in this sturdy poster are the inspiring highlights and staggering realities of global missions in 2019. We rejoice as we see what the Lord is doing among and through our personnel and partners. New churches planted and thousands who have said “yes” to following Jesus after hearing the gospel, to name a couple.

Still this update shows us where MULTITUDES are dying daily without Christ. Thousands of people groups are without Scripture. And there’s a dire need for Gospel witness among peoples around the world. How will they hear unless someone tells them?

Included in this poster are ways you can pray now. Much work is being done but much work remains. Display this poster and stir your church members and small groups to consider ways they can praygive, and go.


  • Folded: 7.5"l x 12"w
  • Unfolded: 22.25"l x 12"w
  • Downloadable size if printed: Approx. 29.5"l x 12"w