A Wind in the House of Islam (Hardback)

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Today we are witnessing the greatest turning of Muslims to Christ in history!  In the first 12 years of this century alone, multiple movements of Muslims to Christ have erupted across the Muslim world like never before.  The author, Dr. David Garrison, has traveled over 250,000 miles into every corner of the Muslim world – from West Africa to Indonesia – gathering interviews and personal stories from more than 1,000 Muslim-background followers of Christ. Their faith and their stories of transformation from the House of Islam are compiled here, resulting in unprecedented insight into the ways that God is at work both globally and locally.  From these stories, Garrison provides us with practical ways that we, too, can participate in God’s great work among Muslims today.

A Wind in the House of Islam includes the interviews, maps, photos, practical applications, small group discussion questions and more.  This is a great tool and resource for individuals or any missions group that desires to share Jesus Christ with their Muslim neighbors in practical ways.

This is a hardback edition.

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