Lottie Moon Christmas Offering DVD in English, Spanish, Korean & Chinese

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Use the 2022 Lottie Moon Christmas Offering DVD to share videos showing IMB missionaries and global missionary partners reaching the those who have not heard the name of Jesus around the world.

The DVD includes 6 videos. On each DVD, you have the option to listen in English, Spanish, Korean, Cantonese and Mandarin and subtitles are available in English, Spanish, Korean, Traditional Chinese, and Simplified Chinese.


  • Serving gods to serving Christ 2:53
  • Here I am Lord 2:55
  • Seeing the Unseen 2:37
  • Reaching the Nations, Together. 1:55
  • Thank You from Europe 0:47
  • Thank you from Thailand 1:01

Download the videos and other resources at imb.org/generosity/resources/lottie-moon-christmas-offering/. Learn more about the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering and give at imb.org/lottiemoon.

Thank you for partnering with us in solving the world’s greatest problem — lostness.

Product Reviews

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Lottie Moon DVD
Written by Cherlyn Lanier on Dec 13th 2022

Arrived in good timing - resources excellent IMB Response: We're so glad! Thank you!

Written by Sandra Jowers on Dec 11th 2022

Very good! IMB Response: Thank you!

Product review
Written by Bob on Dec 9th 2022

Items were excellent and arrived in time also. IMB Response: We're so glad to hear!

Lottie Moon
Written by Debbie Coulter on Dec 5th 2022

You responded very quickly! Thank you!

Lottie Moon Christmas Offering DVD
Written by Joan Benfield on Nov 28th 2022

Outstanding! IMB Response: Thank you!

Lottie Moon DVD
Written by Dave Starr on Nov 24th 2022

The DVD worked perfect and you were very prompt in getting it to us in record time. So thankful for your help as we are a church in rural area and do not have Internet so the DVD works perfect for us. Thanks again for your promptness. And your caring heart for reaching out to us in a time of need. Pastor, Dave. IMB Response: Thank you so much!

Written by Laura Trotter on Nov 21st 2022

I love the videos! Having it in DVD form is very helpful. However, in the past I liked the way you spotlighted specific missionaries more so than you did this time.

Lottie Moon Christmas Offering DVD
Written by Frances M Slayton on Nov 19th 2022

We use this every Sunday during month of December. Thank you IMB Response: Wonderful! We're so happy to hear!

IMB Lottie Moon DVD
Written by Lenora Sentelle on Nov 18th 2022

I always enjoy using the dvd showing the missionaries and their comments about their work. What I would like to see is a compilation of all the missionaries without the breaks. I think these interviews could be combined with some statistics about the IMB work and goals for the future and give a very useful tool for promoting the LM offering. Good narration and good interviews would be very useful.

LMCO videos
Written by Lydia Parsley on Nov 17th 2022

Great job. All of the videos have wonderful messages and I will show most of them to our congregation. IMB Response: Thank you so much!

LMCO video
Written by Beth Trouille on Nov 16th 2022

Very good IMB Response: Thank you!

Lottie Moon DVD
Written by Linda on Nov 12th 2022

So glad you offered this with the different languages. Great to use for Lottie Moon Emphasis. English videos used every year. We have a language mission church, and this will be wonderful for them to use. IMB Response: You're welcome, Linda! We're glad the DVD will be helpful to you and your church.

Written by MARYANN MARTINEZ on Nov 7th 2022

I cannot open the DVD on my computer. Get two files AUDIO_TS & VIDEO_TS. THEN ON FILES READY TO BE WRITTEN TO THE DISC (1) IS desktop.ini. Thanks for any assistance. IMB Response: Thank you, Maryann, for letting us know the issues you have encountered. In order to view the videos on your computer, a standard DVD player app will need to be downloaded. There are several options available for download on both Windows and MAC devices.

PG and Videos do not match.
Written by Bonnie Mason on Nov 7th 2022

The information in the Prayer Guide and the Videos are entirely different subject. Having a hard time correlating the two for the material I prepare for the church. Any suggestions? IMB Response: Thank you for your feedback on the prayer guides and the LMCO videos. Because of continued travel restrictions around the world due to Covid when deadlines were approaching for this year's videos, we had to be strategic in how and where we gathered international footage for our videos this year. We were still able to create amazing videos that can help people see how God is using the presence of IMB missionaries to solve the world's greatest problem of lostness. Our prayer is that the resources available will be a blessing to your church.