2020 LMCO DVD in English, Spanish & Korean/Chinese Subtitles

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This year’s Lottie Moon Christmas Offering® videos that accompany the 2020 LMCO Kit are available to download here. But for those who prefer them on DVD, this is for you!

Here are the titles and descriptions of this year’s inspiring videos:

  • A Way Back Home: IMB missionary Kristen Lowry and the staff at Naivasha Children’s Shelter are rescuing and rehabilitating boys living on the streets of Kenya. Once rejected by society, boys are hearing they are loved, and they are learning they have a future and a purpose.
  • Radio Zagreb: How do you find people who are seeking God? In Croatia, a nation of four million, finding people who are interested in the gospel can be challenging. Many Croatians are hearing the gospel for the first time through a radio program hosted by IMB missionaries.
  • Lightning Bolt Through My Soul: Medicine provides a means of sharing the gospel with people in Thailand. By hosting mobile medical clinics, IMB missionaries, national partners and healthcare volunteers from the U.S. can share about the healing that Christ brings.
  • The Hidden People: IMB missionaries and national partners in the Americas are working to reach the remnant—hidden people who have no gospel witness. Reaching these widely dispersed people is no easy feat, but that doesn’t stop indigenous Christians and IMB missionaries from taking the gospel deep into the jungle.
  • Persecuted Church: Stories of the persecuted church never seem to cease. What can we do? How do we respond? 
  • Part of a Family: For this IMB missionary family, serving in Italy is not just a calling—it’s living life as an incarnational witness among people who they love and call family. Charlie and Shannon Worthy and their children embraced Italian culture, and they are seeing Italians embrace Jesus as their Lord and Savior. 
  • The Bigger Picture:Ministry among an unreached people group in South Asia is difficult, and it’s often slow. God is using a growing number of new Christians to shine as bright lights in their communities. IMB workers say the harvest is plentiful in their area of South Asia, but the workers are few.
  • Together: For 175 years, Southern Baptists have unwaveringly proclaimed the gospel in the midst of wars, disasters, plagues, economic downturns and political upheaval. God continues to use Southern Baptists to share the gospel with a world in need of a Savior. We’re in this together.

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Written by Helen Collins on Dec 4th 2020

Excellent! Helps a lot with promotion .